“Join Quarterback Magazine and “The Tour” this June 2020, where its’ platforms has gained over 10 Million views. This is a once in a year football experience that can only happen during the summer of each year.”


*This is a potential schedule, and NOT an actual schedule. Coaches will have the final routes by May 2020.
June 05
Arrive at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) Before Noon.
June 06
June 07
June 08
June 09
June 10
June 11
June 12
Depart from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (ORD) in evening (All departing flights should be scheduled after 6PM.
*This is a potential schedule, and NOT an actual schedule. Coaches will have the final routes by May 2020.


Imagine pulling up to the University of Clemson, and being able to actually meet and be coached by the Clemson’s football staff. In the morning, you do a workout to show off your skills with the Clemson’s QB Coach, and by lunch time you’re in the Clemson’s cafeteria. From there you visit the team’s locker rooms, meeting rooms, weight room, stadium, and eventually hit the bookstore to grab some swag and off to the next football university that day. It’s an intense 7 day schedule, but all worth it.


For seven straight days, athletes and parents will be traveling on a charter bus to seven D1 Football Universities. They will experience what it’s like to live on the campus and will get to talk to elite football coaches on any questions they had on recruiting. There is no other program like this during the summer, this is a once in a year opportunity due to NCAA rules the camps can only be done in the month of June 2020.


Athletes will be able to do workouts in front of the elite football coaching staff each day. This a great way to gain exposure in the eyes of the football program while possibly being able to get recruited in the near future. Athletes will showcase their skills daily at each football university, pending availability day of the camp.


Athletes will be able to sit in and listen to elite football coaches during their college visits. They will be able to ask questions and see what kind of feedback they can get to maximize their recruiting exposure.


One of the favorite spots on the tour, the weight room is a diamond in the rough. Athletes will be able to also showcase their skill level in the weight room as well.


One of our staff’s favorite spots at each football universities, will be the stadium visit. Imagine being on the field, right in the center, and being able to hear 65,000 fans roar in the stands. We will be able to take pictures/videos to share the memories for later.


Swag! It’s what the athletes really want on the tour, we will be able to make time to allow the athletes to visit each of the campus’s bookstore to grab the swag of their choice. This will happen towards the end of the tour of each day and before we head off to the next destination.


We will have in some cases, a huge opportunity to be able to tour the locker room of the football university.


The holy grail of each football university is their trophy room. Athletes will be able to who from each football university made it to the NFL.

QB Mag Tour



*Dates are tentative and may change.


  • Atlanta, Georgia


  • Chicago, Illinois

Tour Payment Plan**:

  • STEP 1 - Pre-Register your spot by submitting a non-refundable deposit fee (See Below).
  • STEP 2 - Ask any questions via email.
  • STEP 3 - Decide payment plan with staff.
  • STEP 4 - Wait for finalized tour routes.
  • STEP 5 - Book flights.
  • STEP 6 - Pay for camp fees.
  • STEP 7 - June 2020 - LAUNCH!
**More Info will come after your pre-registration.


The Tour is an all inclusive 7 night tour that travels from football universities to football universities. Thirty athletes are available on a charter bus that will take them on this once in a lifetime football journey. Athletes will be coached and scouted by the D1 football universities. As this is a very exclusive and limited seating TOUR, grab your spot as soon as possible because all the seats of the charter buses will get filled. The tour is not just to play in front of the most amazing coaches that have been able to make history, but to bring out the hidden leader inside of you that will be able to lead the teams back at your place. As parents all dream for a bright future for their quarterbacks, the tour definitely is a step in the right direction and will boost up the resume of your kid.


Due to NCAA regulations and rules, only athletes in the classes below are allowed to participate at the football universities.
– Class of 2021
– Class of 2022
– Class of 2023
– Class of 2024
Quarterback Magazine’s social media presence will offer you the greatest exposure during the tour.


Parents are more than welcome to join the tour as spectator. Many parents come along for the unique ride. Technically, we think parents are more die hard football fans than the athletes, sometimes! The same rules will apply for parents on financial obligations minus the camp participation fees for on-site workouts.


– Transportation via Charter Bus
– Hotel at each location
– Breakfast / Lunch / Snacks
– Tour Swag / Gear
– Customer Support for Travel booking
– Surprise events

Not Included:

– Inbound and outbound flights (athletes + parents are required to book their own flights)
– On-site camp university fees


We’re looking for SERIOUS applicants interested in joining us this summer. Spots are open to Quarterbacks, and open to Wide Receivers, Running Backs, Tight Ends, as well.
We will require a $50 (non-refundable) deposit to put you on our priority list. If you are accepted and meet all the criteria, the $50 can be used towards your full tour tuition.
If you have any questions please contact us at
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2020 schedule

@QuarterbackMagazine has gained over 10M views across its’ social platforms, and is launching a once in a lifetime football recruitment bus tour in June 2020.
June 12
Arrive at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) Before Noon
June 13
June 14
June 15
June 16
June 17
June 18
June 19
Depart from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (ORD) in evening (All departing flights should be scheduled after 6PM.